Secret Green Beret
Commandos in Cambodia


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We could call this book “Special Operations Recon Mission Impossible.”  A small group of highly trained, resourceful US Special Forces (SF) men is asked to go in teams behind the enemy lines to gather intelligence on the North Vietnamese Army units that had infiltrated through Laos and Cambodia down the Ho Chi Minh trails to their secret bases inside the Cambodian border west of South Vietnam.  The covert reconnaissance teams, of only two or three SF men with four or five experienced indigenous mercenaries each, were tasked to go into enemy target areas by foot or helicopter insertion.  They could be 15 kilometers beyond any other friendly forces, with no artillery support.  In sterile uniforms – with no insignia or identification, if they were killed or captured, their government would deny their military connection.  The enemy had placed a price on their heads and had spies in their Top Secret headquarters known as SOG.


SOG had three identical recon ground units along the border areas. This book tells the history of Command and Control Detachment South (CCS).  The CCS volunteer warriors and its Air Partners – the

Army and Air Force helicopter transport and gunship crews who lived and fought together and sometimes died together.  This is the first published history of CCS as compiled by its last living commander, some forty years after they were disbanded.  It tells of the struggles and intrigue involved in SOG’s development as the modern-day legacy of today’s Special Operations Commands.  Forbidden to tell of their experiences for over twenty years; their After Action Reports destroyed even before they were declassified – surviving veterans team together to tell how Recon men wounded averaged 100 percent; and SOG became the most highly decorated unit in Vietnam and all were awarded the Presidential Unit Citation.

About the Author

Lieutenant Colonel Lindsey enlisted in the Army in 1948, attaining the rank of Corporal.  He was accepted into and graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point in 1954 as a 2nd LT of Infantry.  After Infantry School, he qualified as Master Parachutist and as a Ranger.  He served in various leadership and staff positions in the 11th Abn Div, the 82nd Abn Div and the 101st Abn Div.  In his first Vietnam combat tour, he was MACV G-3 Air Liaison Officer for the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing and flew 50 backseat missions, primarily in F-100s.  Then he went to lst Brigade of 101st Abn Div as Asst Ops Officer and then Ops and Exec Officer of the 2/327 Abn Inf Bn.  On his second Vietnam tour, he was Cmdr of 2/8th Cav Bn of lst Cav Div.  Next he was Deputy Cmdr of OP-35 in MACV-SOG and then was Cmdr of Command and Control Detachment South (CCS) from January – July 1970.  He is the last living Cmdr of CCS.  His advance schooling included the USMA Preparatory School, a Masters degree at Indiana University, and the Command and General Staff College.  He retired after 20 years from the Army in August 1972.  His civilian career positions included Exec VP of an architectural and engineering firm; and president of an “Alternative Energy” firm building a Gasohol plant.  He served for 12 years in the Indiana Department of Commerce as Program Manager for High Technology Development.  His military awards include two Legion of Merit, two Bronze Stars, six Air Medals and the Combat Infantry Badge.  Civilian awards are as a Kentucky Colonel and a Sagamore of the Wabash.  He is active in local service and veterans’ organizations in Carmel, IN, where he has lived with his family since 1973.

Published by AuthorHouse November 2012; 742 pages; ISBN Paperback (978-1-4772-7308-1), EBook (978-1-4772-7307-4); Available autographed directly from Fred Lindsey or unsigned from

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