Myers Bronze Star Mission/Citation

On May 6, 1967, B-50 Recon Team 1-0 Sergeant First Class Donald L. Myers was the patrol leader of a six-man Special Forces patrol.  He was awarded the Bronze Star for Valor due to his actions in this mission.  His citation notes:  “Sergeant Myers distinguished himself by valorous actions on 05/06/67 while serving as the patrol leader of a six-man Special Forces long-range reconnaissance patrol operating deep in enemy-held territory. Realizing that he could not move from his place of concealment without being detected by the North Vietnamese Company that had moved into the area, SGT Myers gallantly took them under fire with such a savage burst that fifteen of the enemy were killed or severely wounded instantly. The ferocity of the attack forced the enemy to retreat into their own punji stakes. Thinking only of the casualties he could produce, SGT Myers stepped from his concealed position into the open and unleashed a murderous volley of fire on the enemy, inflicting many more casualties on them and further disorganizing them.” (Per 5SF GO 68/0906, dated 06/03/68.)