Secret Commandos. Warriors. Heroes.

A small Recon team comprised of two or three Special Forces (SF) men and three to six indigenous mercenaries drop into the jungles of North Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. These men, unknown to the outside world and out of contact with their families, are engaged in impossible, Top Secret missions. Wearing no identifying uniforms, these warriors and their air partners locate enemy units and document their activities to determine the threat posed to the Republic of Vietnam and United States military. The soldiers of the Studies and Observation Group (SOG) unit of the Special Forces in Vietnam suffered some of the greatest losses of any US unit in the Vietnam War.

This website recognizes the accomplishments and sacrifices of one of the three Detachments: the men who served in Command and Control South (CCS) of SOG.

To All CCS Warriors and Their Air Partners Who Paid the Supreme Sacrifice
And To Their Families Who Often Times Had To Wait Months for the Details
Of Their Son's (Or Husband's Or Father's) Demise, And Had to Wait
Years to Know the Location of His Loss in Cambodia or Laos –
Due to the Top Secret Nature of Our SOG Operations.


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